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Professional ​

My career as a software developer began in 1999, when I was only 16. Since then I've been working on numerous projects and used lots of different languages and technologies.

  • iOS and macOS (Objective-C, C and C++)

  • Java and Spring

  • Python

  • C, C++

  • Embedded and ASM (Atmel AVR and ARM)

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Google Datastore

  • Google AppEngine (Python, PHP and Java)

CTO, Senior Software Engineer at Mercans

​2015 - present


Mercans is a leading payroll and recruitment outsourcing services provider in the Middle East and North Africa region with clients like Uber, Adidas, WikiMedia, Harvard University, IKEA, Mazda, AirBus, McLaren and others.

Senior Software Developer (iOS, Android) at Intelligent desk

​2013 - 2017


Intelligent Desk app lets each employee manage their workday easily and efficiently from a smartphone, tablet or computer. With Health app integration; Active and Resting Energy is calculated by interpreting your desk activity.

​Co-Founder and CTO at IdeaPos

​2007 - 2016


IdeaPos is a Point-Of-Sales system designed for small and medium size bars, restaurants and retail stores. It's a complete solution with cash registers, payment gateways, booking system and stock management.

CEO at Markinsen

​2012 - 2013

HR Manager at Markinsen

2007 - 2012

IT Manager at Vemir International (Finland)

2006 - 2007

IT Specialist at Also Eesti

2004 - 2006

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