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Intelligent desk

iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java)
  • Lead developer in iOS

  • Backend support in Android

  • Written in C, Objective-C and Java (Android SDK)

  • Uses MFi accessory driver (USB, BT)

  • Server connection and replication (RESTful)

  • Custom SQLite adapter written in C

  • Apple Watch support

  • HealthKit support


C# and Python
  • Full stack POS system

  • Integrates different payment gateways (EMV, PayPal, BLEPAID)

  • Frontend is written in C#, backend in Python

  • RESTful XML

  • Accounting and general ledger

  • Stock and assets management

  • Time attendance (clock-in/clock-out)

  • Local credit and loyalty cards

  • Low-level communication with POS peripherals

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